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We hike Saturdays or Sundays and our calendar is updated weekly. Join our Group or follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with our hikes and events!























Hiking Difficulty Scale


Easy (1): 6 miles or less; mostly level ground or only slight incline.

Moderate (2): Distance of 7 - 10 miles with an elevation gain that will generally not exceed 350 feet per mile, with a total elevation gain of no more than 1000 ft.

Moderately Strenuous (3): This hike could be 7 - 10 miles in length (or less), but include rocky trail conditions, tricky stream crossings or elevation gain of more than 1000 ft. but less than 2000 ft.

Strenuous (4): Any hike that is a distance of 10 to 14 miles or with more than 2000 ft. total elevation gain, but no more than 3000 ft.

Extremely Strenuous (5): Usually involves distances of more than 14 miles or more than 3000 ft. in elevation gain. There might be very steep/rugged climbs, deep stream crossings, or unmaintained trails. (source: Cherokee Hiking Club)




Hike at your own risk! Leash your dogs, beware of snakes, poison oak, ticks, sunburns, and stay with the group at all times. Responsible and well prepared hikers always bring at least 3 liters of water, food, first-aid kit, and wear appropriate hiking/trail shoes.  If you are not sure which way to go on the trail, wait and ask one of the leaders. Each hiker is fully responsible for his/herself while hiking in the great outdoors, including the responsibility for paying any bills related to rescue efforts or medical care. This is a free club operated by volunteers, no one is liable for any other person.

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